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i. prologue

I was three years young

when music reached out

its feelers 

and snatched me

as its own

it moved in me and around me twirling

trilling tangoing

coloring my days

with its magentas, periwinkles

and golds

tick ... tock ... tick ... went time tralalalala I sang on I was seven when I began to understand what singing really is that singing is

opening the mouth

and breathing out the soul


as I hid behind the insecurity 

of an introverted bookworm 

I dreamt

about standing on stages 

and sharing the song in my heart

I was twenty when tick ... tock ... tick ... suddenly crept

threateningly into my consciousness and tralalalala became stressstressstressstressstress. therapists and the internet tell you 

that in order to be happy

you should look back at your younger years

what made you lose track of time

what made you happier than anything else

they ask song-filled years have passed & through it all

I sing still as these words flow 

out of my heart 

through my fingers

and onto your screen

it snatched me up threw me around threw me out

and caught me

once again

so today

we dance on.


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